About Us

Hello Friends,

I am Mr. Kisan Kumare I am working as an Assistant Professor for since last 10 years.

My website name is Lifeshodh.com

Before anything else, I would like to explain my Aim and Objectives of this Lifeshodh.com.

Let’s see www.lifeshodh.com from this website, you will get all the answers for your successful Life.

In this tech-savvy era, everybody wants to become successful in every area of life, but lack of a proper Mentor, Guide and Adviser we are facing many problems and obstacles. A lot of research shows us very few people reached on the top and rest of the people live a common life in the bottom of the society.

This website will help you to solve your confusion, doubts and challenges of your healthy, prosperous and peaceful Life.

If you have any questions regarding this you can ask without hesitation.

Contact- lifeshodh@gmail.com