What Is The Purpose Of Life and What Should You Live for?


Purpose of life

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Purpose of Life

Are you finding meaning for your life?

Do you know what is the purpose of life?

In the new millennium of this era, everybody wants to live a dynamic life before dying.

But very few people achieved that point, rest of all stay average at the end.

We have to identify that main differences between few and many.

First of all I am going to discuss that main area of life.
So, are you ready to know?
Today everything is learnable If one can do then you can too.

In this learning process, you have to understand that principles of a successful and happy life.

When you follow the laws then laws will follow you, anywhere, anytime in any aspect of life.
There are some important areas of life, it should be developed.
Let me explain that life pillars.
If you know both the positive and negative effects of your Health, Wealth, and Happiness on your life then you will aware of it.

1. Health

image of good health

Exercise is key to health.


The body is the only thing that you got free from nature/God, but you have to convert it in health.

When you suffer from any type of disease at that time you will realize the importance of health.
Are you waiting for any disease?
Then you have to do this.
You should work on your healthcare with the help of exercise, yoga, walking, cycling, and a healthy diet.
If your health is weak you cannot do any work with excitement.


Your body and mind are interconnected.

You have to set your goals about your body shape and weight.

If your body is sound, the mind will be sound.



Wealth concept in every mind has a different meaning.

Parents think children are our wealth, bodybuilder says health is wealth,

spiritual guru says peace is a wealth,

states say the population is the wealth of nation,
knowledgeable people say knowledge is power and wealth,
teacher says students are our wealth,
there are so many wealth concepts in every mind. But…
For good life financial freedom is a very important factor for everyone.
In simple words, financial stability will give you the ability to live a better life.
If you want to increase your wealth, you have to follow these rules.


Most of the people near about 95% of the whole population of this earth planet they know only active income they are not aware of passive income.

Your active income gives you only living, but your passive income gives you a fortune.
Image of happiness


This is the ultimate goal of life.

Everybody wants to live happily on this earth planet.

Everyone always searches happiness in different things,


but happiness is not in things, this is the state of being.

If you understood this law, nobody can make unhappy in your life.
When you find happiness in the objects actually it is not happiness, it’s only temporary pleasure.

When you find happiness in the objects actually it is not happiness, it’s only temporary pleasure.

You can get happiness with the help of meditation, it’s a matter of experience, and you can get pleasure from objects.

Happiness brings peace in life and pleasure brings pain in life, this is the main difference between two.
Happiness and Satisfaction Is The Ultimate Object of our life.
There Are Two Keys For Satisfied and Happy Life !!!
#First, 🔑
Identify your own passion and make it a profession.
#Second, 🔑
If you think you are in the wrong profession,


or wrong place then leave it immediately,

otherwise, love your existing profession and work with passion and accept their work culture.

In conclussion, stop blaming and crying 😢.
Take 100% responsibility for your work and develop a workaholic mentality.
If you follow these two 🔑 laws you will live a happy and satisfied life.


Friends if you got something valuable from my writings then you can put a comment and share this information to your near and dear friends.
Thank you so much, for visiting.🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  1. Mrunalini says:

    Very good information, you are doing great job.

  2. Sanjay Gaikwad says:

    If we want to increase our wealth,
    We have to follow these rules.
    It’s very useful.
    And you wrote very live knowledge in this article.

  3. Manda Gaikwad says:

    In the day to day life, everyone needs and wants to live healthy, wealthy and happy life..But no one knows that, it’s a state of mind..Thanks a lot… for sharing your motivational thoughts.

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